Some of you may have come across a recent notice about the Standing Rock victory of having a judge confirm that the feds, Army Corps of Engineers in this case, should have done an EIS (environmental impact statement) before approving work on the DAPL pipeline to procede. This is a very similar type of dispute to the one we have been involved in since 2013 in relation to a controversial local timber sale, the “Lower Grave Vegetation Management” sale, which increases the depletion of our local forest structure. (see overlay map below). 

We are by far not as far down that road and much farther away from a verdict such as theirs, but we are actually hoping that we don’t have to go to a federal judge and that the DOI Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) comes our way sufficiently to mandate such an EIS. 

This, incidentally, is the type of work intended to be supported by the Shakti Moon Foundation.

Previous involvement (2011 to 2016) focused on the threat of a 210 acre gravel pit project smack in the middle of the convergence of two fish bearing streams in our rural residential Sunny Valley. The issues are very complex and involve local, state and federal law and tidal waves of politics and corruption.

If you feel you wish to support our work, don't hesitate.


The red line shows some of the Eastern boundary of the watershed. Whatever is not green has been logged.
The brighter rectangle is an overlay of the proposed timber sale, which threatens to continue the depletion of crucial vegetation.
Despite all the details, this image can't even come close to doing justice to the complexity of soil type, slopes, fracturing, streams, tributaries,
spawning grounds, climate change, canopy closures and the lack thereof, roads (temporary or permanent)
and the disruption and/or sediment contamination they pose, and on and on.

While The Amazon Rainforest may be far away and "sexy" in terms of publicity & donation trigger,
this is an example of threats that are right here, in front of our door.

Unlike some household name advocacy organizations, we do not make deals.

To see a gallery of violations by the Bureau of Land Management and their contractors and the timber sale recipients, you can go here.
These images document violations only over the past eight years.,