Dear Colleagues, the final tweaks and additions are completed and we're ready to roll.

Vajra Ma & Wolfgang Nebmaier
(links to our relevant bios are HERE)

Upcoming General AUDITIONS
for The following Productions:
(please contact us for detaiuls)
Medea Everywoman 3 adult women, various ages
The Feminist's Three Man Play 3 men, any race, retirement age and up
Conviction Conviction: 2 mature women, 1 "grandmother" , 1 young woman, one mature male, 1 young man 
The Healing of Melanija Knavs [formerly Trump' 1 middle aged woman, 1 mature woman
In case you feel you can't consider taking part in any of these productions, we would appreciate referrals to other skilled Rogue Valley actors. 
In addition, we would appreciate recommendations for a stage manager.